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Excellent Adventure

Excellent Adventure was formed by Bill Levy and Ted Dillenkofer in the winter of 2016. Their music covers 5 decades of music - from the 1960s thru today's artists plus a smattering of original tunes.

Bill Levy Bill Levy Bill Levy Bill Levy

Ted Dillenkofer

Ted was a life-long afficiando of music, but didn't pick up the bass until 10 years ago. His first band, the No Idea band, played folk rock with a guitar/vocalsist, female vocalist and bass. When the band broke up, he moved to Clinton, NJ and got involved with the Hunterdon County music scene, participating in local jams and pickup bands.

Bill Levy

Bill has been playing music his entire life. He plays harmonica, guitar and sings. Bill has played with numerous groups, both as a member of the band and as a guest artist.

Ted Dillenkofer Ted Dillenkofer Ted Dillenkofer Ted Dillenkofer Ted Dillenkofer